"Often you are the only sane person on the IRC."
"ME? really? That's scary."
"Hey, Only Sane Man is my job! Most of the time."
Mango, Jimcloud, and Some Color Mage on the inane discussions of The Channel.

The Final Fantasy Wiki IRC is a totally awesome childish and idiotic IRC Channel chat room on the network Freenode and its spinoffs dominated by intelligent discussions made by intelligent people roleplaying and faux-political policy discussions when they could be editing.

The IRC channel is notable for its memes and its own little subculture; the vast majority of regulars like role-playing games such as Final Fantasy (duh) and some obscure little thing as well as webcomics like Homestuck, and detest Call of Duty and Wikia. They also hate morons, and the few users who have been banned, surprise, morons who often like Wikia and Call of Duty. While the Final Fantasy Wiki claims to run the Let's Play, the truth is that The Channel, as it is often called, has more influence -- even users of The Channel that never visit the wiki are present in the Let's Play.

The IRC channel has replaced the Waystone and Blackjack as the socializing center of the wiki. While the Freedom Administrators once held absolute power over it, Ark was declared Head Pontiff one day because only he knew what he was doing.

The Kingdom Hearts Wiki IRC channel and this channel don't trust each other, even though users there overlap; KHWiki users are viewed as cowards who are afraid of the big meany snarkers of the FFWiki channel, which in turn considers KHWiki childish.

The Channel also is known for its Shipping Wall.

List of RegularsEdit

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