The Horror
"My Eyes! My Ears! My BRAIN! The Humanity!"
Cheesewow after watching the Laughing Scene
Squall with blood coming out of his mouth regarding the "Laughing Scene"

The laughing scene, AKA hell on earth, is one of the most horrible things made by man kind. It dwarves the Valentine's Day Massacre, the witch hunts, and is equivalent in horror and cruelty to the Holocaust. It happens in the game Final Fantasy X.


The scene was originally meant to be an unconventional form of torture used on the creators of Barney , but being such dumbasses as they are, Square mixed up the tapes and sent Barny the original scene. When they realized their mistake, it was too late and the scene was already in the hands of the masses. A new evil was upon the world and there was no way to stop it.

The Scene's ContentEdit

The scene shows too women (Meg Ryan and Yuna) having a major bowel spasms caused by bad sushi and screaming in pain.

The Scene's Result Edit

The scene was considered a war crime and Square was trailed at The Hague International Criminal Court for crimes against Humanity.