"You want me to babysit this guy?"
Auron when asked to be in Final Fantasy X
"His father? I don't even now the guy!"
Jecht when asked about his relationship with his son

Tidus is the main character in the game Final Fantasy X. He is a master vantriloquist, enabling him to have 2 different voices, one of them being pretty normal; the other being a mouth-piece for the devil insanely high-pitched.Tidus is a whiny crybaby who can hold his breath for a very long time underwater.His father is very badass,but Tidus can never live up tp his father.


Early lifeEdit

He was born in Zanarkand to a famous father and a not-so-famous mother. He often complained about his mother not paying attention to him while his daddy was around, but recent research on the subject show that it is simply not true. The not paying enough attention really translates to she told him to wait a second while she's making his bed while his father was at the living room, watching TV.

When he grew up, he found out he could hold his breath for a long time, a thing which made him turn to Blitzball, a popular water sport that involves swimming, hitting each other with poison and sleeping drugs, and complicated mathematical formulas. Of course, the lack of oxygen was a bit hard on his brain, and caused him to be an idiot. He quickly rose to the top of the Blitball world, as he could survive the entire 5 minutes of consistent gameplay underwater, while the other players died of suffocation.

Arrival At SpiraEdit

When Sin attacked Zanarkand, Tidus went into shock, causing him to have illusions about flying. When he woke up, he was in Spira. He was found by the Al-Bhed communists, and taken hostage. On the Al-Bhed ship, he was enslaved and forced to use his incredible breathe-under-water skills to find sunken Spanish treasure ships. He also befriended an Al-Bhed girl with unusually high pitched voice.

One day out on the open sea, the ship was attacked by Sin and the ship was sunk. Unfortunately, Tidus survived and woke up near a small island settlement called Besides.

Meeting YunaEdit

He swam to the island, where he met a bunch of local bushmen of the Stupidioto tribe, led by Wakka. They were apparently practicing Blitzball (I think there's a common theme to Blitzball players (*Ahem* Idiots *Ahem*)), and Tidus had to show off by kicking the ball sideways into the forest. The bushmen were of course impressed, and decided to take him to their village. At the village temple, Tidus ignored the local traditions and performed blasphemy by going into the Cloister of Annoying-the-Hell-Out-of-You.In there, he met the local priestess, Yuna, and immediately fell head-over-heels in love with her. Yuna, for some strange unknown reason, seemed to take a liking to him as well. And so, Tidus tagged along on Yuna's quest to obtain the Final Aeon.