XJR-9 is an android from the Robot Timeline created by the mad Dr. Eeek to destroy humanity. Unfortunately for XJR-9, in the Robot Timeline, humanity is already long extinct, having been wiped from existence by the dark lord Jeremiah Lundgren. XJR-9 came to our time in search of humans to kill. After killing 10,000 Ugandan children, he got bored of his task, finding no fulfillment in his job. The pay was also terrible, and his mom kept bugging him to get a real job like that successful Lawyerbot across the street. XJR-9 went to Hollywood to achieve his dream of being a successful screenwriter. However, he was a terrible writer, and was kicked out of the State of California after being responsible for Santa Paws. Desolate on the streets and horribly hungry, he was taken in by Ark and now watches the FFWiki IRC for some mysterious and most-likely diabolical purpose.

XJR-9 is single. He enjoys gene splicing animals, transition metals, and the band Rush. He has low standards and will sleep with any male or female who is willing to give him a Pity Fuck.